Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glad Cowboys don't have a coach

By Christiaan DeFranco

Not that I nor anyone in Philadelphia is complaining, but if the Cowboys had anything resembling a decent head coach, they'd be a very good team.

When you look at the talent they have, do you think Bill Parcells would be 1-5? He'd be 5-1, maybe 4-2.

In fact, two-thirds of the current coaches in the league would have at least four wins if they were running the show in Dallas. But Jerry Jones wants to run the show, and it never works out for him when he hires a weak, non-threatening head coach like Wade Phillips or Dave Campo. When he has had strong-minded, idea-oriented, detail-oriented coaches -- like Jimmy Johnson and Parcells -- Jerry's franchise has been successful.

You'd think Jerry would be happy to sit back and let a legit coach he hired get the job done, thus making him look like a genius. But after all these years, Jerry still doesn't get it.

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