Monday, November 01, 2010

Not surprised McNabb was benched

By Christiaan DeFranco

So, there he was, his team trailing with the game on the line, standing on the sideline with his helmet off, drinking some Gatorade.

Injured? No.

Donovan McNabb was benched.

Were you really surprised? If you were watching the game, you knew McNabb wasn't going to get it done in the final two minutes. And Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan knew it too. Although the national media may have been stunned, the truth is Shanahan has learned what most of us in Philadelphia have known for a decade:

McNabb isn't clutch.

Talented, yes. Pretty good quarterback with a good career, yes. But not clutch.

If you need a game-winning or game-tying drive, whether it's in the Super Bowl, the playoffs or during the regular season, you might want to go with someone else. Even if it's Rex Grossman.

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