Tuesday, December 14, 2010

This is more than a dream

By Christiaan DeFranco

This never happens.

Your ex never comes back.

Not for real anyway. There may be flirtations, considerations, and even some form of reparations, but there is no true reconciliation.

In the end, it’s over.

Your love is gone.

But late Monday night, the fantastic became reality. I had heard the rumors. I had heard that the Phillies were “in the running.” I had heard that there was a chance that the one who got away, the one who had surreptitiously been traded away, might come back. I didn’t believe it. Not for a second.

Then it happened.

Then I beLEEved.

Over the last year, something was wrong. Karma was wrong. Ruben Amaro, who had been bound by circumstance and made a mistake, set it right. And now it feels even better than before.

The dream was to have both Lee and Halladay. Now we do… plus Roy Oswalt, to go along with ’08 World Series MVP Cole Hamels.

This never happens.

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