Friday, April 01, 2011

BASEBALL: Dock Gets Fenced In

Home runs were always possible at Christopher Dock's baseball field. But now, the Pioneers can now truly send the ball out of the yard.

Dock's home diamond has a new look as a chain-link fence now surrounds the outfield. The wall out in right field is 326 feet, center 385 feet and left field the shortest distance at 313 feet. The fence out in left field runs a few feet across a hill, adding a little character or difficulty, depending on how one looks at it, to that part of the outfield.

The fence is not the only addition to Dock's field as a scoreboard will be installed in a week or so.

The inaugural home run is still available for some player to earn, as no one was able to hit a ball over the fence as Christopher Dock opened its home schedule by defeating Plumstead Christian 14-6.

Christopher Dock has played just one game at home this season, that being Thursday's rainy Bicentennial Athletic League contest with Plumstead Christian.

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