Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Another bad goal in Flyers playoff history

Ilya Bryzgalov has pondered the size of the universe. But apparently the Philadelphia Flyers goalie did not think hard enough about throwing a pass right at David Clarkson. End result, the puck went into the back of net, the New Jersey Devils took a 2-1 lead and finished of the Flyers' season with a a 3-1 win in Game 5.

Really, really bad goal to give up But was it the worst in Flyers' postseason history. Lets look back on the classics of Flyers bad goaltending in the playoffs.

Patrick Kane beats Michael Leighton in OT, Game 6, 2010 Stanley Cup Finals

Bryz's goal was bad, but this one was a super gut-punch since it was OT, it gave the Chicago Blackhawks the Stanley Cup and for a moment before the replay there was possibly some hope it didn't go in.

Claude Lemieux's slap shot past Hextall, Game 5, 1995 Eastern Conference Finals

Clarkson's tally wasn't the first time the Devils were involved with Flyers goalies giving up a bad goal. Here's Lemieux beating Hextall from the blue line with the game tied 2-2 in the final minute of the third period.

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